Hello World!

After many years of hacking WordPress, I wanted to move to something lighter, faster and simpler. While looking for alternatives, I found out about Ghost and immediately wanted to give it a try.


Ghost is a lightweight blogging system written in Node.js, Ember.js and HandleBars. It provides a clean and simple client interface and focuses on content. The installation is easy enough if you have root privileges on your server and you know a thing or two about Unix: it boils down to installing Node.js, deploying a packaged Node project, changing two flags and setting up a few proxy rules. To avoid the hassle, you can also go for a self-hosted instance.

What now?

On the next few days, I will take some time to make sure everything works fine under the hood and put back online content from my previous blog. In the future, the goal is to write down various thoughts—technical or not—on a regular basis. You might stumble upon some content in French, but I will try to stick to English as much as possible. Feedbacks and comments are welcome, find me on Twitter!