New photography gear - Nikon Z6II!

After 8 years with my Nikon D5100 reflex, I thought it was time to upgrade. I am still deeply convinced that, in most conditions, a mid-level reflex camera is more than enough to get the perfect shot. After all, composition, exposure and depth of field are a matter of technique and have almost nothing to do with the camera.

But after 23077 shutter clicks, I wanted to go full-frame and have the right tool for any condition: low light, rain, long exposure, high ISO…

I will keep great memories of my D5100, exploring Paris at night, shooting models in a closed theater, capturing the Milky Way at the top of a remote Corsica mountain with a friend… And soaking my telephoto lens (the Vibration Reduction module has never been the same!) during a solo trek in Iceland! Don’t worry though, the D5100 is still going strong and already started a new life with its new owner!

Considering my options for a while, and wanting to stick to Nikon, I figured that mirrorless was the future. In fact Nikon officially announced its focus on mirrorless a few days later! With an attractive discount I finally settled on the Nikon Z6II with the Nikon Z 24-70mm f/4 S.

Nikon Z6II

Next thing I know, I’m spending my lunch break enjoying a rare sight of the sun in the Parisian winter!

L'île aux Cygnes, Paris

It will take some time to get fully accustomed to the beast, but the first feelings are great! Definitely looking forward taking it to the field!

As a Nikon photographer, the menu and settings definitely feel like home. For further reference, there exists a very interesting official guide of recommended settings for still photography.